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by the Pink Spiders

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released January 1, 2001



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sad Style
She could be the one who wraps her arms around you
Always in a rush, don't ever have the time
She would be the one to penetrate the whole room
Never has a free hand, never pays the tab

Always gonna run, always gonna run
Gonna run away from me
She's been in the sun drinking coke and rum
Talking about anarchy

Nobody nobody
Loves her in the daytime
Nobody sees her when the sun shines
"She's all alone", they'll say
"And that's how she's going to stay"

See her at the bar like she could be there all night
She don't have a care right, she don't have a job
Everybody see her, love her and then leave her
Someone else'll feel her
Come give her a ride

And that black mascara survives
All the distress of a perilous night
Alone as she heaves, alone as she sighs
All the distress of a perilous night

Nobody nobody's
Diggin on her sad style
Nobody's falling for her drunk smiles
This little dynamite
It's like this every night
Track Name: Cherry Chapstick
I've got a confession, I'll tell you the truth
You're making me do things that I don't wanna do
I've got a confession, I'll tell you the truth

I don't want your company
I just want your cherry chapstick
Give it all to me
Give me all you got
Give me that good news

I've got a confession, you're cooler than cool
Now I'm in the backseat, I'm crawling over you
Like a chameleon
I'll be anything you want
Cause I wanna rummage your purse